The Surviving Trace by
Lain York and Donna Tauscher

July 1, 1999

The Fugitive Art Center presents The Surviving Trace, an installation by Nashville artists Lain York and Donna Tauscher. The exhibit opens July 10, 1999, and runs through the 31st. An opening reception will be held July 10th from 7:00 p.m. till 9:00 p.m.

The Surviving Trace explores memory and relationship. What often lingers from a relationship is not the main narrative, but rather the subtext: a touch, a color, a face in the half light, a sentence spoken too hastily. Emotional residue, it seems, lodges in a moment. And where is the truth in these housed memories? Borges, who writes eloquently about memory, refers to the memory of the memory of the memory. What remains when the alchemical process of time has touched remembrance?

These ideas and thought processes guided the artists in the physical creation of The Surviving Trace. Seven crates hang suspended in a quiet and formal solitude which suggests storage, but belies the chaos of memory. Light shines from the interior of the open bottomed crates onto the floor. Something has activated the recesses of memory. The light illuminates and reveals, but does it provide understanding? On the floor beneath the crates rice paper reflects the light, and words, captured by a dusting of ground cedar, appear. Does scent stir an image? Can the ephemeral nature of words clarify?

The Surviving Trace provides an environment in which everyone can reflect on the complex warehouse of memory and the indelible scenes and faulty heartbeats of relationship.