Past shows at the Fugitive Art Center

January 19th, 2006 ILLUMINATE / a one-night only exhibition
March 19, 2005 Belmont University hosts the Fugitives at the Leu Art Gallery
June 25, 2004 Three Artists: Emily Holt I Built This City; Jonathan Jacquet From Within And Around The Burning Ring of Fire, A Circus Tale; Joseph Burwell New Drawings
May 8, 2004 Four artists: Tim Dooley and Aaron Wilson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Ed Wilcox from Cheery Acres, Pennsylvania; John Donovan from Pensacola, Florida
March 20, 2004 5th Anniversary Show
January 31, 2004 Pradip Malde: Campsite for the Non-Citizen & Edward P. Davee: Crowfilm
December 06, 2003 Jason Lahr: Riding with Pike
and Angela Messina & Derek Schartung: Uncontrollable Self & Amusing Monster Spasm
October 31, 2003 Lingo DANCETHEATER Speak to Me
October 18, 2003 Krista Hoefle: Nothing this beautiful can be real!
and Todd McDaniel: New Work
September 13, 2003 Kathryn Refi: Conceptual Multi-Media
and Neil Bender: 2D mixed- media
February 1, 2003 Home Is in the Head by Pam Pecchio and Erin Weckerle, Sherlock Holmes by Steven Thompson
December 7, 2002 The Me in Team by Anderson Williams and Preliminary by Mark Hosford
October 12, 2002 Piecesby Melody Owen, 2D, 3D, and video
August 31, 2002 Painting on an Incline by six artists from around the US
April 27, 2002 An installation by Patrick Graves
March 9, 2002 Terra Inverta by Leslie Snipes and Mike Wsol
January 12, 2002 Two dimensional art by Lester Merriweather
September 29, 2001 Ceramics by Dana Goodman
August 4, 2001 In Heat, erotic art by various artists.
June 23, 2001 3 Minutes from Opryland, by Michael Carter and Joe Shay
May 5, 2001 Change of Pace (growth), an installation by Shaun Slifer
March 17, 2001 Nächste Generation, a video installation by Eliane Rutishauser
February 3, 2001 Sculpture by Jim Buonaccorsi
December 2, 2000 The Handyman’s Progress, an exhibition by Robert Lentz
October 5, 2000 Sculpture by Bethany Springer
September 9, 2000 Okno, an installation by Jim Haynes
May 23, 2000 Photography by Caroline Allison, Bonnie O’Hara, and Bjorn Sterri
March 20, 2000 Film festival by Craig Baldwin
March 04, 2000 Heidi Steinke and Michael Merrill
February 19, 2000 Four Point Five Hours a Day: student works
December 11, 1999 Conversion: an installation by Anne Rose Tiggoni
November 20, 1999 Reading by David Musgrove, Will Belford and Mark Smith
October 22, 1999 Studies for Eruption: Exhibit by Jack Dingo Ryan
September 25, 1999 Viewer/Voyeur: Installation by Richard Mitchell
July 31, 1999 Poetry by Jeff Baker, Kevin Christianson, Nancy Mendoza and Nick Regiacorte
July 10, 1999 The Surviving Trace: Installation by Lain York and Donna Tauscher
June 23, 1999 Spirit Talk Mbira - Music of Zimbabwe
June 12, 1999 Photography by Eliane Rutishauser and Screenprints by Edward Lambert
May 1, 1999 Hearts, Trains, and Drains: Installation by Dave Holland
April 24, 1999 Fiction by Will Belford and poetry by Bryan Hunter
April 3, 1999 Flesh: Sculpture by Terry Glispin
March 26, 1999 Gallery Launch Show