More about the Fugitive Art Center


"I have run further, matching your heat and speed
And tracked the Wary Fugitive with you..."
John Crowe Ransom, "Ego"
(from the first issue of The Fugitive)

Board of Directors:
Patrick DeGuira, Bob Durham, Terry Glispin, Mark Hosford, Bryan Hunter, Carol Mode,
Lesley Patterson, Greg Pond, Julie Roberts, Jack Dingo Ryan, Iwonka Waskowski, Lain York

Board of Directors Alumni:
Richard Mitchell, Tim Murphy, Donna Tauscher, Megan Walborn

Gallery Coordinator:  Iwonka Waskowski

Gallery assistant: Mike Bielaczyc

Gallery Assistant Alumni:
Shaun Slifer, Ben Smythe, John Powers, Will ClenDenning

Contact Info
Phone: 615-804-741
Mail: 440 Houston Street
Nashville, TN 37203

here for a map and directions to the Fugitive Art Center.