Pam Pecchio: Suture

Pamela Pecchio
Erin Weckerle:

Home is in the head

and in the entrance hall...

Steven Thompson:
Sherlock Holmes

In Febuary the Fugitive Art Center brings new talent into Nashville from Philadelphia, Chapel Hill, Athens, and Las Vegas. In the Main Gallery, Pamela Pecchio and Erin Weckerle exhibit photography and mixed media painting. Steven Thompson brings a series of precariously fragile mixed media drawings into the Entrance Hall Gallery.

Coincidental to the Opening Nite will be a musical performance by D.J. Collective BootyLicious. Members are flying in from Las Vegas and Athens, Georgia for a one night performance customized to venue, audience and the art that surrounds them.

Erin Weckerle: Small Blue 3

February 1, 2003
through March 12, 2003

Opening reception with the artist:
Saturday February 1,
7:00PM to 9:00PM
with D.J. collective...

For info regarding this show, contact:
Jack Dingo Ryan

in the Main Gallery... Pamela Pecchio and Erin Weckerle:
Home is in the Head

Erin Weckerle and Pam Pecchio are 2001 graduates from the prestigious M.F.A. program at Yale. Weckerle is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, where she exhibits with the Vox Popoli Gallery. Pamela Pecchio is an artist, freelance photographer and educator. She served as Production Manager and Assistant to Gregory Crewdson, Photographer and Professor at Yale. She has shown nationally and currently lives in Durham NC, where she teaches in the Art Department at UNC Chapel Hill and Duke University’s Center for Documentary Studies.

Erin Weckerle says that her work “explores the formal, material and metaphorical possibilities of fabric and trimmings where ethereal flourishes and decorative motifs summon a memory of a certain time or place which is familiar and comforting, though never actually experienced or found again. I am interested in examining notions of beauty and sentimentality through the use of iconographic imagery and critiquing the categorical systems that define our interpretation of images. My work reenacts a sugar-coated femininity where it is indeterminate whether I am making an ironic statement or celebrating clichés. I am most compelled by this space of ambiguity where feminine, decorative, or banal imagery suggests a playful attitude towards expectations. By bringing these elements to the center of attention, I hope to shift meaning and interpretation by inducing a familiar response that is seductive and transformative. I am fascinated with the objects we surround ourselves with and the intersection of the functional and the pictorial. By combining the optical pleasures of painting with the tactile comforts of the bedroom I am investigating how we infuse banal objects with symbolism and sentimentality.”

Pam Pecchio states that photography “is a way of seeing. It offers a platform through which observation and criticism can be made, as well as a source of and irony, humor and awe. As I move through my life as a photographer, my relationship with the world changes and deepens. I often stop to take notice of things that I would have previously passed by. I record those moments, both in my memory and with the tool that has become an extension of my person. I am struck, both by acts of human nature and how we, as people, interact with the natural world. We build walls and roofs, create our own climates, fill our surroundings with clutter and plastic, and then, at the same time, find ways to incorporate semblances of the natural world back into these spaces. We create personal and spiritual shrines through decoration and objects of accessory. By participating in rituals ranging from private to public, we often attempt to mend the broken, and sometimes discard those items that no longer function to decay (if possible). Perhaps they become a part of the natural world again. My work is concerned chiefly with objects of the everyday that exemplify the relationship between people and nature. My photographs are a document of and commentary upon familiar bits and pieces of culture. Through the use of a view camera, I concentrate my attention on these everyday objects, glorifying them and transforming them into transcendent gestures.”

Weckerle: Small Blue 1

Pecchio: Globe

Thompson: Untitled

and in the Entrance Hall... Steven Thompson: Sherlock Holmes

Steven Thompson was born in Rural South Carolina where he learned to handle bees from his Grandfather. He holds two MFA degrees, the first in painting from The University of Georgia (1995) and the second in sculpture and mixed media from the University of Pennsylvania (1998). His recent exhibitions include several galleries in Philadelphia, New York, Charleston and Cortona, Italy. Steven has collaborated with filmmaker Jim Herbert and musician Michael Stipe. He worked as a sculpture Assistant to Matthew Barney’s Studio in New York and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY and Athens, Georgia, where he teaches Painting/Drawing and a Contemporary Art Seminar.
Mr. Thompson would like here and now to send out a zesty huzzah to one and all. He would like very much to meet you and fully expects that he will.

Steven Thompson: Untitled

Steven Thompson: Untitled

Following are some excerpts from Mr. Thompsons statements concerning his art and processes. “I work best when I feel lawless. I must open my eyes, be trivial, merciless, self immolating, rude, sentimental, shallow, petty, quiet. I have to be myself, warts and all... I take great pleasure in thoughts and opinions I cannot prove. For instance, I am superstitious. I believe in ghosts. I believe ghosts make noises in crowds and mimic the sounds of empty rooms.... I work with purpose, not purposes. Concepts and narratives and skill and education and magic and fatigue, biology, time, and on, fuse if one looks closely enough... Seduction cannot be defined and mystery can be only imperfectly described. We all better watch out. The temperature rises slowly and carefully in the pot. We better make sure we are not quietly boiled.”

BootyLicious are the house D.J.’s at Mercury One in Athens, Ga. They are Artists, Entertainers and Impresarios who customize set lists to the environment around them.

We hope you can join us Opening Nite for an exhibition of 3 outstanding artists and a musical performance with D.J. Collective BootyLicious.