Untitled, Ink on Vellum, 2001

Lester Merriweather

Contact: Terry Glispin

January 12, 2002
though February 22, 2002

Opening Reception: Saturday,
January 12, 7:00 to 9:00 PM

The work is a study of new notions about defining atrocity in an information age with the attitude of quick fixes for every aspect of life... life becomes artificial and sped up and mass-produced and, eventually, tarnished...the work speaks to interests in sensory overload through methods related to tagging, sampling, multiplicity, etc...the work moves between mechanical and handmade processes, reflecting beliefs about dichotomies that exist within people...subjects can be cold, impersonal, and intimate...subjects can simultaneously lack confrontation and be totally confrontational...the works study ideas reduced to icons representing social issues through individual situations and relationships...the works use generic symbolism and text as the collective medium and these media become a system of terse original prose...this prose explores facades seen through literalization of factual information...the work speaks to the necessity of methodical subversion as a solution to understanding atrocities.

Untitled, Ink on Vellum, 2001

To control the viewer’s perceptions, I combine the literal and the conceptual in a minimal manner...I do this to give the viewer a limited amount of isolated physically tangible information...repitions and juxtaposition play a major role, creating the desired tension between my surfaces and the viewer...every compositional choice reflects an interpreted opinion of a subject...I use simplified elements and forms to create a sense of conceptual tangibility and an activation of comparative imaging...within this imaging, there always lies a system of formative units which work together to form a distinctive whole...within this imaging, there lies a calm perception of atrocities beneath a logically constructed and very thinly veiled surface.
-Lester Merriweather